Love & Mantra Retreat - Bali
11th - 15th May 2020

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NZ Yoga Day 2019
Western Springs

Saturday November 30th

Resolution NYE Festival

Dec 30th 2019 - Jan 2nd 2020


New Zealand’s leading wellness events company is grounded in the belief that connection, community and purpose play a vital role in health. It is this ethos that drives the various events and accelerates the healing of those looking for an alternative to the Western model of illness management. Turning towards ancient modalities, such as yoga, mediation, breathwork, dance and mantra highlights the accessibility of wellness - it  is something that simply doesn’t need to cost a huge amount to achieve. Recognising the wealth of indigenous wisdom in the sheer longevity of so many of these practices, NZ Spirit seeks to reconnect everyone to their purpose, their culture and one another. 


Determined to highlight the benefits of returning to a simpler, more fulfilling lifestyle, all the events are alcohol-free with a focus on accessible plant-based food choices and honest conversations.


By removing the clouding that often occurs when adults get together, the events serve as places where attendees can be fully present and begin the return inwards through mindfulness and self-awareness practices.


A lessening of anger, more space before reacting and an overall lightness are some of the many comments made after showing up in this clear way.

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