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Get ready to have all your burning questions answered!


Ensuring your safety is our utmost priority! 


There are trained First Aid personnel and dedicated site security available on site at all times throughout the event. 


Are campfires or open grills allowed?


For the safety of our precious whenua and everyone attending the festival, we strictly prohibit the use of fires at all times. A comprehensive fire ban is in effect across the entire festival grounds.


If you notice any fires, please promptly notify our security personnel or head over to the Info Tent for immediate assistance.


While cooking facilities are not provided on site, you may bring small gas camping cookers at your own discretion, understanding the associated risks. Alternatively, we have an abundance of delicious plant-based food options awaiting you in the Kai village.


Is alcohol permitted at the event?


No alcohol is permitted on site. Please respect our family friendly alcohol-free environment and do not bring alcohol to the festival. Any person found consuming alcohol at the event will be escorted off the premises immediately.


Is there drinking water available at the festival?


Yes, we have water stations offering naturally filtered, pure water for your hydration needs. Please bring a reusable water bottle. It's worth mentioning that our water stations can become quite busy, so if you have the means to bring your own water supply, we highly recommend doing so for your convenience.


Can I bring my pets?


Unfortunately, we kindly request that no dogs accompany you to the event. As we strive to regenerate our native forests, we urge you to join us in safeguarding the diverse bird species and wildlife that inhabit our whenua by refraining from bringing your pets. Let's ensure their well-being by leaving them in the comfort of your home. We reserve the right to check your vehicle to guarantee there are no dogs with you.


How does parking and driving at the venue work?


We have designated areas for both Day Parking and Camp Parking to accommodate your vehicle. If you anticipate the need to drive your car outside of the festival grounds during the event, please use the Day Parking area. For safety reasons, vehicles parked in the Camp Parking area must remain parked there for the entire duration of the festival.


Please note that there are specific zones within the festival where vehicles are not permitted for the safety of all attendees. These designated "No Vehicle Zones'' ensure a secure environment. When driving on any internal roads within the festival, we kindly request that you adhere to a maximum speed limit of 10km per hour and keep your hazard lights on at all times. Your cooperation in following these guidelines is greatly appreciated.


Is the Festival family friendly - are children allowed?


Absolutely! This event caters to families and welcomes children of all ages. Please consider the presence of young ones and embrace their freedom to explore with us. Kids under the age of 5 can attend for FREE, but for ease of entry, it would be helpful to bring a photo ID for children who may appear older than their actual age.


To accommodate families with children who prefer a quieter environment, we have a dedicated Whanau Camping area. This section is conveniently located farther away from the main music area, ensuring a peaceful atmosphere for an early night's rest. Please note that only tents are allowed in this area, while campervans or house buses should utilise the designated campervan area.


Please be sure to guide your children to the Info Tent upon arrival and acquaint them with its purpose as a safe haven in case they become lost or separated from you. If you happen to come across any lost children, please bring them to the Information Tent.


Can I go swimming in the river?


Yes you may swim in our waterways, bearing in mind that there may be inherent risks involved. Children swimming must be accompanied by responsible adults to ensure their safety, particularly due to the potentially forceful current. Please refrain from swimming in the river during nighttime hours.


Can I bring my bicycle?


Bicycles are welcome, provided they are used exclusively for commuting between the camp and festival zones. Please refrain from cycling in congested areas with heavy foot traffic, both within the campsite, festival zones, and the bustling market/kai village. In the event of nighttime bike rides, please ensure your bicycle is adequately lit and easily visible for enhanced safety.


Are there toilets at the festival?


Absolutely! Rest assured, the festival grounds are equipped with conveniently positioned portaloos and environmentally-friendly compost toilets. You'll find these essential facilities conveniently marked on the festival map for your ease of access.


Are there shower facilities at the festival?


Yes, shower facilities are available for your convenience during designated hours. To access the showers, you will need a shower voucher, which can be purchased at the Info Tent throughout the duration of the event.


In our commitment to environmental sustainability, we kindly request that you bring only eco-friendly, biodegradable soap for your showering needs. Additionally, please be mindful to avoid bringing any glass containers to house your soaps, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all. 


Are there waste bins available at the Festival?


No, this event is dedicated to being waste-free. We kindly request that you minimise the amount of potential waste you bring, as you will be responsible for taking it all back home with you.


Please remember to bring your own reusable plate, cup, and cutlery to use throughout the Festival. Additionally, if needed, there will be rental options available at the Info Tent.


Please note that food and drink will only be served to those who have their own cup and plate.


Will the festival still go ahead if it is raining?


Absolutely! Rain or shine, the festival is a resilient celebration that embraces all weather conditions. 


While we have taken measures to adapt to different weather conditions, we recommend that you come prepared with a diverse range of waterproof and sun-protective clothing. This way, you'll be ready for any unexpected surprises that Mama Nature may have in store.



Please have your tickets either printed or downloaded on your phone and readily available when you arrive at the Festival gates for ease of entry!


What is included in my ticket?


Your ticket grants you access to a wealth of experiences and entertainment. Both the Full Festival Pass and Single Day passes encompass an array of scheduled workshops, captivating ceremonies, incredible musical performances, and admission to our fun filled Kids Zone.


What does the Full Festival Pass include? 


With a Full Festival Pass, you enjoy complete entry to the festival grounds, along with a designated camping spot where you can create your own festival sanctuary.


What does the single day pass include?


Opting for a Single Day Pass entitles you to attend the festival between 8am and Midnight on the specific day of your choosing. Please note that the Single Day Pass does not include a camping spot.


What does a glamping pass include?


For an elevated festival experience, you have the option to enhance your Full Festival Pass with an added Glamping Pass. Embrace the convenience and luxury of glamping, without the hassle of setup or teardown.


We offer exclusive Glamping Packages for 2, 3, or 4 persons. Spots are limited - secure yours before they sell out!


All Glamping Packages include:


  • A beautiful Bell Tent.

  • A convenient Side Table.

  • Beds and cozy bedding.

  • Magical Fairy Lights.


Is it possible for me to purchase my ticket at the gate?


Absolutely! Full Festival and Day Passes can be conveniently purchased at the gate using Cash or Eftpos on the day. However, it's important to note that ticket prices increase once the Festival has commenced, so we highly advise securing your tickets in advance to ensure the best value.


Do I need to print my ticket?


Yes, we kindly request that you have your tickets either printed or downloaded on your phone and readily available when you arrive at the Festival gate.


Is it possible for me to purchase tickets through a third-party website?


We advise caution when considering the purchase of tickets from sources other than the official NZ Spirit Festival website.


It's important to note that NZ Spirit Festival cannot assume any responsibility for tickets obtained under false pretences, such as scam tickets. We reserve the right to refuse entry to individuals holding such tickets. Therefore, we strongly recommend acquiring your tickets exclusively from our official website to ensure a seamless and legitimate experience.


What should I bring to the festival?


We recommend packing the following items:


  1. Festival ticket (either in printed format or downloaded to your phone)

  2. Sufficient cash and/or an Eftpos card. Please note select vendors do not have eftpos facilities. 

  3. Your commitment to sustainability: Bring your reusable plate, cup, and cutlery to participate in our waste-free event.

  4. Stay hydrated with a reusable water bottle to reduce single-use plastic waste.

  5. Appropriate identification for children aged 12 years and under, as well as for teenagers and senior citizens.

  6. Consider bringing a yoga mat (available for purchase on-site), camping chair, and a cozy picnic blanket for comfort.

  7. Accommodation essentials such as a tent, campervan, or house bus to create your cozy festi retreat.

  8. Sleeping bag, mattress, bedding, and towels for a restful stay.

  9. Suitable footwear for various activities (or embrace the barefoot experience if you prefer!).

  10. Don't forget warm clothing for cooler evenings to keep you comfortable.

  11. Just in case of unexpected showers, bring a waterproof jacket.

  12. A torch for navigating the festival grounds during nighttime.

  13. Toiletries and any necessary medications for your personal needs.

  14. Lastly, bring along your positive energy and good vibes to contribute to the vibrant festival atmosphere


By considering these essentials, you'll be well-prepared for an incredible festival experience!

Friday 30th Opening Ceremony-25 - Copy.jpg


Please have your tickets either printed or downloaded on your phone and readily available when you arrive at the Festival gates for ease of entry!


Do I need to bring my own tent?


Yes, come prepared with all the necessary equipment to set up your own accommodation, including your tent and any bedding. All camping sites are unpowered, so please be prepared with lighting and warmth for the evenings.


If you prefer a luxurious camping experience where you can arrive and find cozy accommodation already set up for you, we highly recommend purchasing our Glamping Pass. With the Glamping Pass, you can enjoy the convenience of having your accommodations arranged for you in advance. 


Where is the best place to camp?


Please adhere to the designated areas outlined on the site map for camping purposes.


Embrace a friendly and cooperative attitude, creating a cozy atmosphere with your neighbours. 


Our Campervan & House Bus Parking area welcomes tents, allowing those who prefer tent camping to join friends camping in vehicles. However, please note that tents are only allowed in the General Camping and Whanau Camping areas.


In the general camping area, both cars and tents are permitted. If you anticipate needing to drive your vehicle outside the festival grounds during the event, please use the Day Parking area. For safety reasons, vehicles parked in the Camp Parking area must remain there for the duration of the festival.


Am I allowed to bring speakers or instruments to play music?


You are permitted to bring small personal speakers, but please remember to be considerate of your neighbours.


We enthusiastically encourage impromptu and interactive musical jam sessions!


Feel free to bring your musical instruments from home to participate in our open mic stage, village jams, and spontaneous campsite music sessions.


As an experiential festival, we prioritise workshops, self-evolvement, and personal growth during this transformative time of the year. In order to maintain the ambiance, amplified music will conclude each night at 1am.


Are there cooking facilities in the campsite?


While cooking facilities are not provided on site, you may bring small gas camping cookers at your own discretion, understanding the associated risks. Alternatively, we have an abundance of delicious plant-based food options awaiting you in the Kai village.

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