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Never pay for another NZ Spirit Festival ticket ever again - for the entire lifetime of the Festivals. Just rock up, scan the QR code, enter your NFT account details... and you are IN!

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As an NFT Kaitiaki you have a lifelong pass to both the North Island and South Island NZ Spirit Festivals, covering your festival entry, camping spot, and car parking.


The pass is valid for as long as the festivals run, not your own lifetime! For perspective, Bali Spirit has been around for 15 years and counting, and Bryon Spirit since 2012 — and NZ Spirit is part of that same Spirit Family. Our venue, Tūmanako Hope was specifically purchased to host these events, marking a significant commitment to the festival's future. Plus, you can rock up a day early and head off a day late, dodging the queues and avoiding any mad dash.


Where is my NZ Spirit NFT Stored?

When you buy an NZ Spirit NFT it is created with Polygon (MATIC), on the blockchain. It is transferred into your NZ Spirit Festival account (which is a wallet). This wallet is automatically created for you when you create your NZ Spirit Festival account.

Can I resell my NZ Spirit NFT?

Yes, you can. You’ll need to transfer it over to another wallet in order to do so. See the info PDF for more details.

Tell me more about the artist who created the artwork.

That’s Graedon Parker - he is an award winning graphic artist, speaker, & wellbeing advocate based In Aotearoa New Zealand. He creates artwork & graphic design projects from his studio on the outskirts of Wellington, with his work featuring on walls, storefronts and crypto wallets in Upper Hutt, Peru, U.S.A, Hawaii, Rarotonga and around the world. 

Graedon is an Edmund Hillary Fellow, and his creative leadership has been pivotal in the success of health & wellbeing social enterprise Organic Mechanic, well known in the NZ wellbeing scene for their organic living foods & transformational events. Organic Mechanic has been a part of NZ Spirit Festival for many years. 

Through the medium of OM Brotherhood, Graedon collaborates with groups in Aotearoa and around the world to create transformational experiences for men of all ages to connect, listen, share and learn - applying healthy masculine energy as a means for community healing & transformation.

Through his art commissions, websites and branding design work - G.Parker is involved in a small number of organisations with a focus on holistic health & wellbeing, and the Tiwaiwaka Principles of caring for the whenua (land) as the first priority. 

What if I can’t make the Festival one year? Can I gift that year’s festival ticket to someone else?

No, only owners of the NFT can use it to access the Festival. You can’t gift or sell your access to one Festival. If you can’t make it, unfortunately you miss out that year. If you decide to sell your NFT, the lifetime access is automatically passed along to the new owner of the NFT.

Is the South Island Festival or Resolution Festival included?

Your Kaitiaki NFT passes include BOTH North Island and South Island Festivals. Resolution Festival is NOT included. There will likely be another Collection released for Resolution Festival in the future. However, Lifetime Access to NZ Yoga Day is included. What a bonus!

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