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Ignite the boundless potential that lives within you, and watch as your life transforms into a radiant embodiment of unwavering strength and vibrant health! 

We're excited to invite you to an transformative  journey from the 14th to the 17th of March, hosted by the legendary Marcel Hof at Ariki Estate & Tūmanako Hope.


Marcel has dedicated decades to mastering the art of breathwork, initially alongside his brother Wim Hof the Iceman, before integrating his own unique insights and techniques.


His work is renowned for facilitating profound emotional cleansing and healing, guiding individuals towards unparalleled levels of personal growth and well-being.

Get started on the path to discovering your inner pharmacy, where you’ll find the answers to living a healthy, happy life. Learn these three powerful Hof breathing techniques and take hold of a robust, healthy life like never before.

Dive Deep with Marcel Hof

Experience Marcel’s transformative breathwork, coupled with invigorating sauna and ice bath sessions. These practices are designed to unlock new energy levels, promote healing, and offer deep emotional release.

Boost dopamine levels by harnessing your internal pharmacy


Create new neurological pathways and break old habits


Release trauma, stress, and negative emotional patterns, including PTSD


Alleviate anxiety and depression


Enhance clarity and access a state of flow


Elevate energy levels naturally, without relying on caffeine or stimulants


Connect with your innate wisdom and unlock your true potential

Connect & Rejuvenate

Nature Immersion: Embark on forest walks that reconnect you with the earth’s grounding energy.


Heart Opening: Join our cacao ceremonies to unlock emotional clarity, followed by journaling for self-discovery.


Cultural Unity: Join in a Tipi fire ceremony and drumming circle, nurturing connections within the community.


Physical and Spiritual Harmony: Enjoy yoga, meditation & Kirtan with Franko Heke, blending physical wellness and spiritual peace.


Vibrational Healing: Immerse yourself in a sacred sound ceremony, and express yourself through somatic dance.

Nourishment for Body & Soul

Savour delicious, with all inclusive nutritious kai and fresh juices throughout the retreat, ensuring your body is as nurtured as your spirit.

Your Sanctuary Awaits

Choose your retreat style - from the authentic embrace of BYO camping to the luxurious comfort of our glamping options.

Attending NZ Spirit Festival? Extend your camping adventure between our events with our extended camping option. 

Join us for this unique retreat, where Marcel Hof’s expertise and a blend of activities designed for deep connection and rejuvenation will guide you towards a profound transformation. 

Spaces are limited to ensure an intimate and impactful experience!

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Interested in booking your own glamping retreat?

Ariki Estate & Tūmanko Hope offer an exquisite range of glamping options, perfect for those looking to immerse themselves in the beauty of nature without compromising on comfort, , from solo adventures, to honeymoon packages and facilitated events.


Our uniquely designed accommodations include New Zealand's largest tipi and a geodesic dome, alongside twenty beautiful Belle Tents, ensuring a memorable and distinctive stay. All nestled within serene landscapes that promise relaxation and adventure.


Additionally, we provide environmentally friendly compost toilets and hot showers, available to hire, enhancing your experience with sustainable living practices.


For more information on our glamping offerings and to book your unforgettable stay, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us at

We look forward to making your visit truly special!

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